About Us


About Us

We really are a blessed couple. Very happily married since October of 1998, we have certainly had our ups and downs through the years. If we are blessed enough to have grabbed your attention, you can learn about our lives in our Shane's Journey category. We give all the glory to God for all the blessings in our lives.

Last Treatment


This is my beautiful wife, Michelle ringing the bell after completing chemotherapy in 2014 after kicking stage 3 breast cancer to the curb!



This is me during a trip to Las Vegas! While I might not look happy, I can assure you that this was one of the happiest times of my life! In my blogs you will read about my life and living with Cerebral Palsy.


Shane & Michelle

Enjoying life together and never taking a day, and hour, or even one second for granted. Serve our Lord, Jesus Christ and the love for each other as well as family and friends is our mission in life!