Shane’s Journey

A Husband’s View

A Husband’s View This story is being told from a husband’s view. It was the morning of April 10, 2014. I am sitting nervously in the lobby of the doctor’s office, My wife, Michelle was in having a mammogram. We had been made aware of a suspicious lump in Michelle’s left breast during a routine examination at a clinic. Almost as if I already knew the outcome of the mammogram, I fumbled around with my…

"A Husband’s View"

The Day My Life Ended and Began

Yes, I have the title in the correct order. And as you keep reading, you’ll completely understand The Day My Life Ended and Began. I have you been telling you all my having already been deep into my marriage with Michelle. But allow me to back up to the beginning of our journey together. Coming back from surgery, I returned to work after what seemed like months. While I had been away, Michelle was hired…

"The Day My Life Ended and Began"