Is Cerebral Palsy Progressive

Is Cerebral Palsy Progressive

Is Cerebral Palsy progressive? That is the question that I have been asking myself about my own journey with Cerebral Palsy. I could be pissed off right now. But I am not. There has to be a logical reason that I am rapidly losing the use of my legs. All I can do is pray about it and continue exercising them. I have never been one to question God. I will trust in Him as always. I am going to have to figure out a way to use my walker outside to get to the car now, though. For the past two weeks I have walked on my knees once i get to the carport to reach our car. I just can’t continue doing that. I just can’t use my walker out there because the slant of the yard and drive makes the walker try to flip. We will get it all figured out. This is just new territory for me and I just have to adjust. Some experts will tell you Cerebral Palsy is not progressive. But as someone living with CP, I am telling you these experts are wrong. For years, I had thought that I would just sail through this life always being able to walk without any assistance. But here I am, at 47 years of age and mostly confined to a walker for assistance for walking and a trapeze bar to assist with getting out of bed every morning.

If you are like me and have Cerebral Palsy, it is vital that you begin an exercise program as early in life as possible. Perhaps this is where I went astray. I was always too cocky, too pig-headed and thought I did not need it. But I was completely wrong. So please learn from my mistake. Exercise! And if you have insurance, request both Physical and occupational therapies. These will aide in preserving your ability to walk as long as possible!  Also, try and maintain a healthy weight. Less weight on your legs will not only make your legs feel lighter. But will also take pressure off of your knees,, hips and joints. 

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  1. No, CP itself is not progressive. We CPers over stress the body with the way we walk and wear out more easily. I am 61 and confined to a wheelchair

  2. Cerebral Palsy is most certainly progressive. I went from walking without assistance in my twenties to now 53 and totally confined to a wheelchair. And I participated in the daily exercises and controlled my weight. I just steadily declined through the years.

  3. Technically no. The stress cerebral palsy puts on the body makes aging harder but it doesn’t get worse on its own.

  4. I am a person without CP, but as I age, my body is slowly breaking down. I have osteoarthritis in my spine and all my joints. I’ve had my right shoulder replaced and need my left one done as well, but can’t do it because of other age related issues. Our bodies take a lot of abuse, whether we have CP or not. The best thing we can do is take the best care of ourselves and deal with the physical problems as they come. I’ve known you since before you were married, Shane and I can tell you that you were right when you said you were pigheaded, but that was a great quality about you, because you took life head on and didn’t let anything stop you, just like our friend, Bobby Neill. You have a good life, Shane with a wonderful wife that loves you and many friends that love you too, of which I am one. Continue to live your life to the fullest my friend, keeping Jesus first and when your days come to an end, it will be said that, you never gave up and never gave in! Bless you my friend.

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