Steps to Finding a Groomer

Do you get stressed over the thought of deciding if you need a groomer or for that matter where and how to find a groomer? Here are eight easy steps to finding a good groomer.

Step 1: Deciding if a Groomer is Needed

The best way to determine if a groomer is needed is by the type of cat or dog you have and if you are able to groom them yourself. If your pet gets mats in their hair or has fleas and ticks then a groomer may just be the answer you are looking for. Groomers have the tools needed to handle these situations with the least amount of stress to your pet. There is no need to worry if you do not have time or the skills to do it yourself. The most important thing is the health and happiness of your pet.

Step 2: Locating a Groomer

There are several ways to locate a groomer. You can use the yellow pages or online under “pet grooming”. You can also ask other people such as friends and family. You can also ask your vet, local animal shelter, or pet store. You may also want to check the National Dog Groomers Association of America.

Step 3: Checking the Grooming Facility

Before choosing a grooming facility you need to do a walk thru to check on the cleanliness, lighting, cage size and to make sure they have courteous and gentle staff working there. If you are happy with the walk thru then you can go to the next step.

Step 4: Cost of Grooming

The cost of grooming depends on the size and type of pet you have. Also, depending whether or not your pet has lots of mats in their hair, or even fleas, it can get more expensive. Or if you want your pet to have a special haircut that requires more work it could cost even more. Keep in mind if you choose a mobile groomer they are usually more expensive than a groomer you take your dog to.

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Step 5: Calming your Pets Fears

One of the best ways to keep your pet from being fearful of the groomer is to gently groom and massage them at home so they are more used to it. Also make sure they are rewarded for their good behavior when you groom them. You may also want to make sure they don’t mind strangers. Once they are ok with grooming and strangers then they should do good at the groomers.

Step 6: Preparing for the First Trip

Before you take your pet to the groomer for the first time make sure their shots are up to date and that you carry their records with you to show the groomer. This is not only for the health and safety of your pet but also the health and safety of the groomer. Also make sure you tell they groomer any health problems your pet may have so they know if your pet needs special handling.

Step 7: Addressing your Pets Needs at the Groomer

Make sure that when you schedule the grooming appointment that you let them know all of your pet’s health concerns and their age and temperament. The more information you give the better this trip will go for your pet.

Step 8: A Quick Goodbye When You Leave Your Pet

The last step is to make sure that you don’t stress your pet out more by loving on the too long. The best thing is to tell them goodbye and then leave. Too much emotion can cause more stress than they already are having.

If you follow these simple steps you and your pet will have an excellent grooming experience.

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